Saturday, 21 November 2009

elf video

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Max in this years costume -Gingerbread man-

This years school fancy dress outfit was a gingerbread man, which Teresa made with her own little hands. He won out of all his year. So far he has won every year apart from last which is a sore subject in our house.
I shall be dinning out on the fact he walked down the streets dressed in this outfit when he gets older. Megan reused the strawberry shortcake outfit Teresa made for her last year.

Max and Megan Red Nose Day 2009

Max and Megan last red nose day ( for the record it was Megan's idea to wear the bloody nose even though she is looking like it was forced onto her :))

One of many faces Megan has (and she has loads )

Megan shortly after having her hair cut. It was very long but she was getting a little too annoyed with it so it had to go :).

Eli the new kid on the block

Here is an image I took today. Eli looking a little cute :)

Max and Megan

Ok lets start with the photos. Here is a photo of Max and Megan that was taken about a week ago (dont worry I shall find out some piccies of them as younger demons)

The First Post

I've decided to start a blog, just for the use of taking photos of my kids and sharing them with the interweb. A little about the Davidson family I suppose. I am Dave, the dad and I am married to Teresa, the mum. Our first offspring was Max he is now 7yrs old and 8 on Dec the 10th. He is 7 going on 18 and knows it all and is pleased to let you know just that. Then came Megan she was 6yrs old on the 20 something of July its either the 24th or the 27th we always get these mixed up ( shall check with this at some point and correct it :))and lastly we have Eli he is now 4 days old he was born on Sunday the 15th of Nov 2009 and lost me a whole night of sleep which I shall never get back eva. Any hoo I shall start posting images of the clan after this post.